Prevent sun damage with window films by CNY Solar Protection

CNY Solar Protection provides and installs window films designed to enable full enjoyment of the pleasures of light, airy sun-drenched interiors while at the same time providing protection from the sun's heat and damaging ultraviolet rays.

The most common reasons for installing window films are: to improve comfort, to improve a window's appearance, to prevent fading of carpets and drapery, to save energy, and to provide daytime privacy.

CNY Solar Protection films screen up to 99 percent of UV rays that can fade fabrics, furnishings, artwork and rugs. Window films also help save energy and reduce utility costs. Window films act as thermal shields, reflecting the hot sun in the summer and insulating against inside heat loss in the winter. Yet, the beauty outside the window remains unchanged.

Window films also add more privacy to a home, affording a clear view to the outside, while, depending on the degree of privacy desired and the film selected, preventing others from looking in during the daytime.

Window films can also make a home safer. The window films CNY Solar Protection provides can add a welcome degree of shatter resistance to the glass area in your home. These films bond to glass and help hold dangerous glass fragments in place should breakage occur through accidents, natural disasters or illegal entry. The film creates a natural barrier on the inside of the window that helps contain flying shards of glass.

With regard to installation, CNY Solar Protection's quality, professional, installation is a retrofit to the interior side of a glass surface. Installation requires some measuring and cutting, done at the customer's convenience. Care and maintenance are easy.

CNY Solar Protection films are protected with a scratch-resistant coating for durability and can be washed with a clean cloth and soapy water, just as in cleaning regular glass.

Decolite Films, which beautifully simulate etched glass at a fraction of the cost, are also available. Decolite is appropriate for office partitions, bathrooms, sun porches, front doors, conference rooms, banks, restaurants and health clubs. A full palette of patterns is offered to match a customer's preferences and applications. As styles change, Decolite changes with them and can be replaced at a significantly lower cost than the cost of replacing etched glass.

CNY Solar Protection offers a manufacturer's warranty on all film ranging from five to 10 years, depending on the type of film chosen. CNY Solar Protection also offers a lifetime warranty on installation, against any peeling or bubbling defect.

There is a difference between the window film used on cars and that used for residential and commercial buildings. The films used for cars are generally darker, while the window films used for homes are brighter, enhancing the view outside the window.