SunScape Select Window Films look Great and Offer one of the Best Warranties in the Industry

Madico is proud to offer the most generous and efficient warranty program in the window film industry. Their aggressive warranty covers not only Madico window film products, but also the windows to which they are applied.

All our residential films come with a lifetime warranty, meaning that should the film bubble, crack, peel or change color, Madico will replace it at no cost to you. In the unlikely event that a Madico film contributes to glass breakage or seal failure, Madico also warranties your window for five years.

Madico offers one of the highest reimbursement limits - up to $500 per window - in the industry. Please contact CNY Solar Protection for complete details on Madico's warranty program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I install Madico's window films myself?
Madico's window films have been engineered to meet rigorous performance standards. To ensure that you enjoy optimum results, Madico requires that its products be installed by trained and authorized dealers.

How are SunScape Select films applied?
CNY Solar Protection applies SunScape Select films to the inside surface of your existing windows. The films are applied using a mild liquid that will not harm your family, pets or even plants.

Are your products safe for dual-pane windows?
An application of any solar control window film can increase the temperature of your sunlit window, which may contribute to stress on a sealed insulated unit. All SunScape Select products are safe and warrantied for most types of insulated windows. All CNY Solar Protection staff have had extensive Madico training on recommending the ideal film for clients' homes or offices.

If you have custom windows or factory-tinted glass, CNY Solar Protection will consider such variables as the condition of the window unit, the size and shape of the glass, the amount of external shading and the balance of internal/external temperatures when recommending window film(s). Madico supports these recommendations by offering the most generous window-failure warranty in the industry.

Of course, our films are 100 percent safe for single-pane windows.

Will Madico's window films change the appearance of my home or office?
The degree to which window film changes the appearance of a home or office is entirely up to the owner. Our SunScape Select line includes a wide array of styles, from rich tints to subtle shades - the choice is yours.

Will the products make my home safer?
Yes. If the glass were to break, the film would help bind the dangerous shards together. SunScape Select films are available in specially designed safety versions. These products are specifically designed to mitigate the dangers of broken glass resulting from everything from hurricanes and tornadoes to an errant baseball.

How much money can I expect to save on my energy bill?
SunScape Select films dramatically reduce the amount of infrared radiation - or heat - that penetrates your windows, thereby lowering the amount of energy required to cool the home in warm summer months. The precise savings depend on the amount of glass filmed, the direction the home or building faces and, of course, how cool an environment you prefer. Some utility companies offer rebate programs for home or business owners who have solar control films installed. You may wish to contact your energy provider to inquire about rebate programs.

How do I clean and maintain these window films?
You clean a Madico-filmed window in the same way you would clean the original glass. No special cleaning products or techniques are required. A soft cloth and standard household window cleaner are all that's needed to keep your filmed glass looking and performing flawlessly for years.