GPS Vehicle Tracking System

Control center, and Real-Time mapping

At-a-glance fleet location, a satellite view of all fleet activities.
Geo Fence, Time Fence and Speed Fence.

Bread-Crumb trail history

Customizable marker intervals (1 to 5 minutes)

Shows all activities including start/stop and allerts for each individual vehicle.

SkyTrak 3000 GPS fleet tracking provides you with an arsenal of powerful tools that will help reduce costs, improve productivity and ultimately increase your profits.

SkyTrak 3000 GPS tracking system will:

  • Reduct fuel consumption by monitoring idle time and good driving habits
  • Monitor time spent at a job for accurate billing
  • Eliminate unauthorized vehicle use
  • Increase route efficiencies with live tracking and mapping
  • Provide reliable measurements to reward productive employees
  • Encourage safe driving techniques

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