SunScape Select Films Offer One of the Widest Varieties of Colors and Styles

Madico designed its lineup of SunScape Select products including, Designer Gray, StarLite and Soft Bronze to complement virtually every architectural style. From cozy colonials to chic contemporaries, SunScape Select films protect a home's interior while reducing glare and energy costs.

SunScape Select films are available in neutral gray and bronze colors, yet within each color palette is a wide array of shades from the faintest stone to the richest golden browns. Madico also offers a product line designed specifically to reduce interior reflection, ensuring your filmed windows are as appealing in the day as they are at night. It is also possible to order many SunScape Select films with a special safety construction. These ruggedized materials help bind dangerous glass shards together should your window be struck by a wayward baseball or violent storm.

With so many choices available, it's important that you consult with a certified SunScape Select dealer before choosing the product that's right for your home and family. These trained experts will guide you through the selection process until you arrive at a film that looks and performs exactly the way you imagined.